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Our House LC

MILA & daughter

The LC Monte-Carlo adventure began in 2011 in the Principality of Monaco, where founders Michèle Laure and her daughter Alexandra were born.

Driven by their shared passion for the arts, and in particular for painting, they decided to carry on the sewing activity of their ancestors, who left too soon, by creating their own graphic design company for fabrics and other media: LOUVEAU CONCEPT SARL and its brand name LC Monte-Carlo.

Michèle Laure's love affair with painting began at an early age, when she began scribbling on the large sheets of kraft paper her father, a Master Tailor, used in their workshop in the heart of the Principality.

Accompanied by Julien, a graduate of the École d'Arts Plastiques de Toulon, who brings his expertise in graphic design, and using invaluable collaborations with renowned model-makers, couturiers and manufacturers, their aim is to make the MILA (Moving Arts) drawings and paintings come alive and move.

Together, they work hand-in-hand to enhance these drawings by respecting the Pantone color codes of the paint originally used by MILA on these canvases, restoring them on noble, eco-responsible materials meticulously chosen to create exceptional products.

Their objective :

To design, produce and market their creations, developed in Monaco and produced in Europe.

In 2019, the story takes a new turn with the creation of the MILA Monte-Carlo brand and in 2023 MILA ARTS.

Named after the artist's name of its founder, this new line offers beachwear, homewear and accessories with a first collection based on the theme of "Travel and encounters".

More than just a brand, MILA ARTS is a family story, a shared passion and a precious heritage perpetuated through unique, elegant collections.

It's a unique alliance of art and couture, driven by strong values and authentic commitment.

Their DNA :

  • Ancestral craftsmanship and know-how:

A precious heritage handed down by talented goldsmiths, enhanced through collaborations with leading French and Italian façonniers.


  • 100% European manufacturing:

A guarantee of quality and compliance with the strictest standards.


  • Rigorously selected high-quality fabrics:

Noble and natural materials for a unique experience.


  • The use of environmentally-friendly materials:

A concrete commitment to environmental protection, with VITA* fibers and GOTS-certified OEKO-TEX organic cotton.

LC Monte-Carlo is committed to offering its customers unique products, combining elegance, expertise and responsibility.


Local production coming soon?

One of Michèle-Laure and Alexandra's dearest dreams is to produce some of their creations in the Principality of Monaco.

Their ambition:

To offer their customers "made in Monaco" production, a symbol of excellence and unique know-how.

This ambition is in line with their commitment to quality and sustainability.

By producing locally, they will be able to :

  • Guarantee total control over the  the production chain.

  • Support the local economy.

  • Reduce their carbon footprint.


The LC Monte-Carlo team's passion and determination to realize an ambitious dream: Their unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship and excellence is the driving force behind this project.

Their tenacity and infectious enthusiasm are beyond doubt: they will make this dream a reality and offer their customers a unique experience.

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