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Discoverer of exceptional scents

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The House

Maison Emmanuel Levain was born in Geneva from the encounter between the imagination of a man in love with the exceptional, rare creations and the expertise of extraordinary perfumers.


With audacity and elegance, Emmanuel Levain interprets the best of nature and everyone's olfactory memory in a selection of unique, bewitching and unusual fragrances.


The perfumes, scented candles or home fragrances thus created compose an intimate harmony between the environment and oneself to offer well-being and serenity.  


Designed as real encounters, the creations signed Emmanuel Levain are an artistic experience, an invitation to well-being and sensuality.

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High quality Emmanuel Levain candles are made with a wax composed of natural elements such as beeswax to guarantee long-lasting and total combustion.  


The wicks are made of cotton and treated without lead. The components are natural, without any danger for the users.


The average burning time is 40 hours for 180 g candles and 400 hours for 1.5 kg candles.  


Decorative objects imbued with refinement and elegance, Emmanuel Levain candles combine original fragrances with the sensuality of materials, blown glass, porcelain, ceramics...  


The containers sublimate the contents to compose a collection of absolute luxury. Each candle, each bottle is assembled by hand then slipped into its sleeve to offer perfect quality to its lucky recipient.

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