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Who is MILA ?

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a stylist and my teachers advised me to go to Fine Arts; but my very conservative family did not want me to leave the family cocoon.

So they pushed me towards a more traditional course in business management that I was able to take without leaving too far from home.

I subsequently worked for international import-export companies, which gave me opportunity to travel a lot to discover other cultures and meet great people.

Over the years, I have always continued to be interested in Art, drawing, painting and finally learning to use modern techniques by attending public art classes in parallel.


Realism and Expressionism


portrait and composition


Oil on canvas and other materials, charcoal, 

photography, collage,  computer graphics.​

My blog : www.milamontecarlo.com


Je suis donc plutôt autodidacte, mais j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer des artistes contemporains qui appréciaient mon travail et m’ont donné de précieux conseils.

Par mes créations, j’exprime ce que je ressens sur des sujets parfois graves ou parfois plus légers et en tout cas, il me plaît vous les faire partager.

Avec VOYAGES ET RENCONTRES je vous propose à présent de les porter…




I was born in the Principality of Monaco where I have lived since my birth.

I grew up in my paternal family's sewing workshops of my  between MONACO, SAN REMO and MILAN where I spent hours watching the meticulous work of the cutters and workers.

I made my first drawings when I was five years old on; I used the Kraft paper as my father used to design his patterns.

My favorite theme was the portrait. I found it exciting when, after hours of work, I finally captured the essence and the dynamic of a face or "catch" the expression of a look with a stroke of a pencil...


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