NEUTRAL mask or printed mask 100% organic cotton tested and certified by IFTH/DGA reusable after severals washes

In the context of the serious health situation that we are experiencing today around the world, we are facing a growing demand from health professionals and citizens alike.


Thanks to our collaboration with the DGA and IFTH "savoir faire ensemble" group  we were referenced in DGE among "General Public" mask makers infact we wanted to be part of this helpfull movement by making our organic reusable masks.


First of all, we decided to contribute the sustanable movement using 100% organic cotton multi-layer masks (GOTS certified), then due to among of requests, wie also proposed to our customers masks with 100% cotton jersey or 100% Polyester that can be washed and resused more often.


The layers of these masks are woven very tightly to provide optimal protection against fine particles.

Anti bacterial, Anti viral and waterproof treated guaranteeing impermeability to any liquid substance from the outside (postilions, splashes, rain, etc.) but also from the inside (perspiration which could affect its effectiveness)


We have developed these protective masks specially designed to fight COVID 19 following our governement's request


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